Megan Yam | Digital Artist & Writer

New Media

  1. An Interactive Computer Vision Project (2016) Inspired by David Rokeby's "Very Nervous System", Soundscape uses motion sensing technology to generate user-controlled sounds. Created with Processing 2.0.
  2. Projection Mapping Installation (2016) A documentation featuring the process of creating a live installation utilizing projection mapping technology. Music Box is an interactive piece that creates a visualization of four different music artists. Created with Processing 2.0, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere.
    "Music Box"
  3. Data Visualization in Processing (2017). Slices of Pi creates audio and visual content by using the numbers from PI. Creating in Processing, this program plays on the pun of Pi and pie. Created with Processing, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro
    "Slices of PI"
  4. A Generative Art Piece (2017). LIGHTS is a generative art piece that produces linear patterns by combining user input with a computer algorithm. Created in P5 and Adobe Premiere
    LIGHTS - A Generative Art Piece
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