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Megan Yam

Digital Artist & Writer


Video Reel


  1. Music video with independent artist Kimmy B (2017) Kimmy B is an upcoming Christian and R&B artist who released her new single "Catching Feelings" on all major music platforms. ​ Created with Adobe Premiere Pro.
    "Catching Feelings - Kimmy B (2017)"
  2. In the studio with singer Mikeila Grace (2017) Young and upcoming artist, Mikeila Grace, is Faze Magazine's first Ambassador. Photography, videography and editing by Megan Yam. ​ Created with Adobe Premiere Pro.
    "Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae (Cover by Mikeila Grace)"
  3. Before I Fall (2017) Faze Magazine sat down and had a chat with the lead actress, Zoey Deutch, about her role on Before I Fall. Videography and editing by Megan Yam. ​ Created with Adobe Premiere Pro.
    "Interview with Actress Zoey Deutch"​
  4. In the studio with singer Mikeila Grace (2017) Singer Mikeila Grace covers Ariana Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough" at her second studio recording as a young and upcoming artist. ​ Created with Adobe Premiere Pro.
    "Almost Is Never Enough - Ariana Grande (Cover By Mikeila Grace)"​
  5. Inspired by Canadian video artist Kent Monkman (2016) Playing on the theme of "alter-ego", this video serves to depict the destructed boundary between persona, shadow and identity. ​ ​Created with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  6. Inspired by Canadian video artist Richard Fung (2016) Based off of a poem by Erin Kingham, "Gay" critcizes the stigma around homosexuality and the multiple meanings behind the word "gay". ​ ​Created with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  7. A Mr. Chef Production (2015) A short video featuring three different chocolate recipes presented in a fashion inspired off of Buzzfeed. Starring chocolate wafers, krispy chocolate bars and chocolate drizzled coconut creations. Created with Sony Vegas Pro.
    "Cool Chocolate Creations"
  8. Inner Balance Wear promotional content (2017). One of over 300 "Yoga Minute" videos created for Inner Balance Wear. This instructional yoga video was created to market and promote the clothing company on various social media platforms. Created with Adobe Premiere Pro.
    "Inner Balance Wear - Daily Yoga Minute"
  9. Uberplaylisting Promotional Content (2017). A whiteboard animation created for a music marketing and promotions company. Created with VideoScribe.
    "Uberplaylisting - Promotion"
  10. A whiteboard animation created for a music marketing and promotions company. Created with VideoScribe.
    "Entertainment Databases - Promotion"
  11. Text Motion Graphic Animation (2017). A motion graphic featuring a recipe for a delicious Mango Orange Smoothie. Created with Adobe After Effects.
    "DIY Mango Orange Smoothie"
  12. An animated infographic (2017). A motion graphic animation that criticizes the rising cost of wedding ceremonies in North America. Created in Adobe After Effects.
    "Plan Your Dream Wedding Today!"
  13. An original animated production (2017) The adventures of cucumber, onion, tomato, cheese, ham and bread. Yummy! ​ ​Created with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro
  14. A Wrinkle In Time (2017). Faze Magazine sits down with child actor Deric McCabe to discuss his upcoming role in Disney's movie, A Wrinkle In Time. Editing by Megan Yam. Created in Adobe After Effects.
    "Interview with Child Actor Deric McCabe"​

New Media

  1. An Interactive Computer Vision Project (2016) Inspired by David Rokeby's "Very Nervous System", Soundscape uses motion sensing technology to generate user-controlled sounds. Created with Processing 2.0.
  2. Projection Mapping Installation (2016) A documentation featuring the process of creating a live installation utilizing projection mapping technology. Music Box is an interactive piece that creates a visualization of four different music artists. Created with Processing 2.0, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere.
    "Music Box"
  3. Data Visualization in Processing (2017). Slices of Pi creates audio and visual content by using the numbers from PI. Creating in Processing, this program plays on the pun of Pi and pie. Created with Processing, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro
    "Slices of PI"
  4. A Generative Art Piece (2017). LIGHTS is a generative art piece that produces linear patterns by combining user input with a computer algorithm. Created in P5 and Adobe Premiere
    LIGHTS - A Generative Art Piece


  1. graphic design
    "The Elephant"
    Created with Adobe Photoshop.
  2. shutter speed photography
    "A Light In The Dark"
    Created with Adobe Photoshop.
  3. graphic design
    Created with Adobe Photoshop.
  4. open closing sign
    "'Come In, We're Open' Poster"
    Created with Adobe Illustrator.
  5. sapporo happy hour poster
    "Sapporo Happy Hour Poster"
    Created with Adobe Illustrator.
  6. vip room poster
    "'VIP Room' Poster"
    Created with Adobe Illustrator.
  7. nest beer poster
    "'Hitachino Nest Beer' - Poster"
    Created with Adobe Illustrator.
  8. Casa Dea Wine Poster
    "'Casa Dea Wine' - Poster"
    Created with Adobe Illustrator.
  9. Title 9
    Title 9
  10. Title 10
    Title 10
Megan Yam
As a New Media artist, Megan is currently discovering and experimenting with her passion for digital innovation. Experienced with projects requiring strong communication and technical skills, Megan understands the value of practical experience and strong work ethic valued within any industry. Driven by her curiosity of the world around her, Megan seeks to embrace new opportunities to further expand her skills in the rapidly growing media industry. 
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario
2015 - Present
RTA New Media, BFA


AMG: The New Media Company
Media Intern, 2017
  • Efficiently edited over 300 promotional videos for a yoga wear company, Inner Balance Wear. 
  • Created engaging visual content for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
  • Videographer and editor specializing in music videos involving young and upcoming artists.
  • Using VideoScribe, created engaging whiteboard animations to advertise services

Kiu Japanese Restaurant
Graphic Designer, 2017

  • Created visually appealing posters, menu and gift cards
  • Efficiently produced graphic designs by listening to the client's needs
  • Managed various projects at a time while under tight deadlines
  • Keen eye for layout, colour, text and style
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Ryerson Folio Magazine
Arts Editorial Contributor, 2016
  • Collaborated with publication editors to write articles tailored for Ryerson University students
  • Excellent written language and communication skills needed to create intriguing content
  • Conducted thorough research to present accurate facts in written articles
  • Independently completed assigned tasks before deadlines​
Faze Magazine
View Profile

Editorial Contributor, 2016 - Present
  • Researched and wrote articles targeting the demographic of young women
  • Conducted live interviews requiring extensive preparation and research
  • Independently completed assigned tasks before deadlines​
  • Knowledgeable with WordPress
Trudeau Movie Production

Founder & Co-Director, 2014-2015
  • Built a non-profit school organization aiming to write, film, edit and screen a short-film throughout the year
  • Facilitated weekly meetings and oversaw the work in progress of members
  • Publicized the event by using visual and graphic design fabricated with the use of Adobe Photoshop
Rogers TV

Production Assistant, 2013-2014
  • Worked on live broadcasted programs including talk shows and by-elections
  • Resolved unpredicted problems in a high pressure working environment
  • Floor-directed by signaling time cues to on-air talent and efficiently moving technical equipment to required areas
  • Considerable knowledge in operating a high-definition television camera to create a visually appealing shot
  • Managed the pressure of independently controlling the on-air graphics including lower thirds and digital on-screen graphics
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere Pro
Social Media
Content Development
Adobe After Effects
Graphic Design
Awards and Honours

RTA School of Media - Dean's List
Ryerson University, 2017
  • Recognition of academic achievement as a New Media Arts student.
Communications Technology Graduation Award

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, 2015
  • Graduation award and recognition of outstanding academic achievement as a Communications Technology student.
Media Arts Graduation Award
Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, 2015
  • Graduation award and recognition of outstanding academic achievement as a Media Arts student.

Academic Entrance Scholarship (95%+)
Ryerson University, 2015
  • Granted $4000 as entrance scholarship for recognition of excellent academic achievement.

Ontario Scholar
Ontario Ministry of Education, 2015
  • Recognition of academic performance as a high school graduate.

Certificate of Completion - Young Worker Awareness Program
Workers Health & Safety Centre, 2013
  • Received training regarding occupational health and safety rights in the province of Ontario.

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Megan Yam


Digital Artist & Writer

[email protected]

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